Running hosted telephony for internal company communications since 2004 we were delivering the same among our client base since 2008, long before the terms cloud voice or cloud VOIP became the standard they are today. As a certified 3CX Partner Stem Systems are well placed to deliver on a range of phone system requirements, with tight integration with Microsoft Exchange, 365 and a variety of CRM systems.

We build dedicated 3CX instances per customer in the Microsoft Azure cloud and monitor/update these as part of our wider managed service offering. This is paired with competitive minutes bundles and a rolling 3CX subscription fee to deliver a PBX that is continually updated, monitored and highly secure.

3CX can function as a traditional phone system with surprisingly competitive costs but the true benefit is when adopting its various additional no-cost options.

Key features:

  • Break away from the per-extension-per-month billing of traditional VOIP platforms. No need to pay extra per month to have an infrequently used boardroom phone, door intercoms, fax services or other less-used devices on your infrastructure.
  • Dedicated Linux cloud instance for your VOIP deployment – locate your 3CX cloud deployment in the region with lowest latency to your site. Get the high-availability features from these providers that cannot be emulated on-premise, with the option of having a second 3CX site in an entirely separate region for further failover.
  • Being a dedicated instance allows you to:
    • scale your deployment up and down and adjust costs to suit
    • get more detailed control and insights into your own system
    • frees you from the reliance on shared, large-scale VOIP platforms running potentially thousands of other users
    • benefit from the cloud but still customise your individual deployment with add-ons.
  • Wide range of third party integrations – hotel PMS and back office systems, WordPress website plugins, Microsoft 365 contacts and calendar, CRM e.g. Salesforce, Zendesk, Zoho
  • 3CX mobile app, Windows desktop app and Edge/Chrome web browser plugins available at no extra cost and requiring no extra extensions to be purchased. The app can be configured with no technical knowledge or passwords required by the end user.
  • Video conferencing and internal chat, available from computer or phone/tablet
  • Synchronise your central company phonebook with a shared mailbox in Outlook; users can update the phonebook from Outlook or the 3CX app.
  • A straightforward web portal to rename extensions, provision new handsets, update voice prompts, configure call queues, view wallboard statistics.
  • Rename a synced user on your Office 365 or Exchange platform and have their name automatically updated across all handsets in your environment with no manual programming.