Trend Micro

 Trend Micro’s hosted security suite offers industry-leading protection for Windows, Mac and mobile devices, extending to ringfenced protection for on-premise and cloud-based mail servers, with detailed monitoring and analysis of your environment in real time.

A lightweight agent installed on user devices delivers traditional anti-virus/anti-malware protection, ransomware protection, category-based website filtering with the ability to de-restrict certain website categories by time of day, during lunch or leisure hours as a common example. Devices can be grouped to allow tighter restrictions on certain endpoints and more relaxed filtering for others.

USB device control can be imposed to prevent USB device access entirely, or provide read-only access, preventing data theft or injecting malicious material from external sources.

Devices can have their disks forcibly encrypted using Microsoft BitLocker, with Trend’s monitoring portal giving ongoing visibility of the encryption status of your devices.

With the mobile nature of customer devices in the modern work environment, users benefit from this threat protection regardless of their device location, and no longer depend on the traditional model of being behind an office firewall to be fully protected.

Your Office 365 environment or on-premise Exchange server can have its inbound and outbound mail filtered by the Trend Micro cloud. All mail entering your environment is scanned in near real-time before arriving at your network; similarly, all mail flowing from your mail server can be forcibly routed through the platform, ensuring integrity of your mail and preventing spam/phishing campaigns originating from within your IT environment. As a Trend Micro XSP partner, Stem Systems wrap these additional protection features in its monthly billing model on a simple per-user or per-device basis, monitored by our in-house managed services team. This monitoring portal can be offered to customers for their own management if required.