Managed telecoms

Stem Systems provide the infrastructure for all forms of communications in a typical IT network – email, video, WiFi, switching, routing and firewalling so it is a natural fit for us to extend this into voice. Cloud-hosted VOIP has been a part of our managed solutions offering for over 15 years. This has become a popular space with many reseller and white-labelling models available, giving resellers an easy route to market. This is however bound to the limitations of multi-tenant shared VOIP platforms, leaving users at the mercy of larger telecoms providers upstream to resolve platform-wide outages.

With a blend of experience in cloud, telecoms, systems integration and monitoring we are able to provide a fully managed alternative to these off-the-shelf solutions – giving us full control of the deployment and more options for integration with your applications.

3CX is a software-based PBX enabling phone, video and chat functionality with a straightforward, all-inclusive licensing model. This PBX can be run on various forms of on-premise or cloud platforms and Windows or Linux operating systems, and integrated with hundreds of SIP trunk providers worldwide. 3CX is equally at home in small 5-10 user deployments as with 1000’s of users in multi-branch worldwide corporations and has licensing options scaled to suit.

Stem Systems are a certified 3CX Partner in Northern Ireland and run our 3CX infrastructure in the Microsoft Azure cloud, with a dedicated Linux instance for each customer located in the datacentre of closest locality to your network for latency/call quality purposes. This replicates to a separate geographic region for failover purposes, allowing us to continue operations in event of outages.

This fits with our managed IT service offering where we can, for example, integrate 3CX phone contacts with your Exchange or Microsoft 365 deployment, push down your 3CX Windows desktop apps via Group Policy or Microsoft InTune, and mobile apps via InTune or simple email configuration. We have experience in integrating 3CX with Zendesk, Freshdesk and other mainstream CRM systems. With end user handsets and apps configured by our professionals, deployed on our managed network, through to ongoing support of the deployment and dedicated hosting, this becomes an easy choice for our clients.