With a wide range of requirements in modern accounting systems, with as many available solutions to deliver upon these requirements, we have assisted and provide on-going support in deployments of various accounting systems. We support systems hosting multiple software packages in co-existence, not limited to:

  • Sage 50 and 200
  • Exchequer
  • Sage Payroll
  • Moneysoft Payroll
  • Star Payroll
  • Digita Tax/Accounts Production
  • Quickbooks
  • Opera
  • CCH suite
  • Sage Practice Solution (SPS)

These form a wide-ranging list of network requirements, with various third party software components often needing integrated, and key hardware/software requirements to be met. Stem Systems have a track record of successful deployments of these solutions with ability to intermediate between clients and software support when required.

Accountancy departments are among our largest consumers of the Azure Virtual Desktop cloud offering. With often multiple software packages to upgrade during the course of a year, long term data retention requirements for auditing, these IT environments can be the most difficult to maintain and costly to upgrade. We have working Azure deployments hosting various mixes of all the above software. Previously, upgrading a desktop accounting suite for 20-user practice would often entail a morning of downtime between server and client upgrades, and becomes a 15 minute process within Azure.

The names of all listed software brands and product names are trademarks of their respective vendors.