Many manufacturing-focused operations operate back-office networks with internal management, design/production, accounting and office applications with a requirement to link to workshop operations. This can include:

  • handswipe/biometric time attendance recording
  • 2D/3D programming of jobs from a design suite and loading directly to workshop CNC machines
  • monitoring of machinery production time vs downtime
  • allowing staff to check in and out of active jobs for time recording
  • providing consumables stores to auto-email upon stock running low.

Within their client base Stem Systems have enabled various such operations, assisting firms in general engineering, metal fabrication, precision component manufacture, window manufacturing and food production sectors among others. We have experience with the Autodesk, Vero, ProgressPlus, Sage Manufacturing, Sage 200 and SolidWorks suites and can design robust on-site server and storage solutions to adhere to the high uptime requirements that these industries typically require.

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