Managed IT services

Whether your IT systems operate on-premise or entirely in the cloud, or with a hybrid mix, you require a trusted partner to:

  • Pro-actively, not re-actively, monitor your IT and network assets in real time
  • Manage your subscriptions, hosting, hardware warranty and licensing renewals on your behalf
  • Provide on-going patch management, fixes and updates to key IT infrastructure
  • Offer responsive IT service cover to your staff
  • Be on hand to advise on security, best practices and ongoing IT changes in accordance with industry guidelines.
  • Engage between potentially multiple third party technology suppliers to implement solutions or resolve queries.

Stem Systems effectively manage this IT on your behalf. We design solutions based on almost 20 years’ experience in the market, with working knowledge of a vast range of business sectors. We invest significantly in internal systems and processes to service and monitor our customer base. When appropriate we grant our customers visibility into a subset of our monitoring suite for transparency and peace of mind.

Our speciality is as a fully-outsourced IT service provider but we also operate alongside in-house IT for a number of clients. This can range from day-to-day backup cover for service desk to specialised hands for larger migration projects. We are already invested in maintaining upkeep of backups, monitoring of alerts and a range of other day-to-day IT operations for such a wide range of clients that it makes sense for your IT team to reserve a small portion of this resource for additional peace of mind.

In all cases we operate on a monthly agreement with our customers in our provision of support, licensing, subscriptions and hosting services, with no minimum purchase terms. This model is straightforward, transparent and offers great flexibility, allowing you to on-board and off-board services/subscriptions as required.